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Purple Glaze (16oz) Clear Bottle

Part Number 1002-2
Purple Glaze (16oz) Clear Bottle
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5 products in one (cleaner, polish, wax, water repellant for windows, and brake dust repellant on wheels.)

Smells great without a chemical smell. Only the sweet scent of bubble gum!

Easiest and most durable multi-purpose polish, wax, hand glaze on the market.

Can be left on surface longer so that it can penetrate deeper and will not leave white residue when product is wiped clean.

Product has a purple tint so you can see where you are applying and removing product.

Can be applied to everything on vehicle except any rubber molding (paint, chrome, headlights and taillights, windows, and wheels.)

Sheds water like crazy and will last a long time.

Economical: $2.50 per application (8-10 applications per 16 oz. bottle.)

Can be used on any transportation, home, and office.

Lexan approved (will not turn yellow.)

Can be applied by hand or buffer.

Removes light rust, oxidation, swirl marks, black streaks, and water spots.

Proudly made in the USA!